Upper Yarra Valley Historical Society

Upper Yarra Historical Society was established in 1966 by local residents with “the aim of fostering a historical interest in and knowledge of the Yarra Valley firstly, and that of wider Melbourne and Victoria secondly [1] .

Now called the Upper Yarra Valley Historical Society (UYVHS).

A dedicated group of volunteers continues to maintain the museum and its collection. The UYVHS Committee, the elected governing body, meets on the 4th Thursday of the month. All UYVHS members are invited to attend monthly meetings as well as the Annual General Meeting (May). New UYVHS members are welcome; induction programs for new members are conducted as needed. Volunteer members are also welcome; there are a variety of tasks and involvement opportunities to suit a range of interests.

The core role of the historical society in its early years was to manage the collection. Over time, this role has been extended to the maintenance and management of the railway precinct including the heritage buildings used to house the collection. ” The two are inextricably connected by virtue of their focus on the region’s history and heritage, by the Society’s home in the Museum, while their tasks are made harder by the dire need for improved preservation, access and infrastucture, and almost complete lack of income to care for their large collection” [1 p10].

An approach was made to then Gembrook MP Tammy Labarto and Yarra Ranges Council (YRC) staff in October 2010 to discuss the future of the Upper Yarra Museum given the urgency of the required preservation work.

This report (below) was tabled to brief councillors on the development of the Upper Yarra Museum, the condition of the facilties and the status of UYVHS. Specifically, the report raises issues relating to land ownership, buildings and grounds, collections and the capacity of the Upper Yarra Valley Historical Society (UYVHS) to manage this asset and provides recommendations to support the UYVHS endeavours.

11-06-28 – Council report Item Upper Yarra Historical Museums v2