Upper Yarra ANZACS

ANGUS Robert: 1890-1917. KIA, ANZAC
ARMISTEAD Ernest John: 1892 -1916. ANZAC

BATSON Thomas Herbert: 1887-1916. KIA ANZAC
BELL David McKenzie: 1893 -1916, KIA ANZAC
BELL Hewitt Henry: 1891 – 1916, KIA ANZAC
BINKS Henry Clifford: 1897 – 1916, KIA ANZAC
BRADY John: 1885 – 1916, DOW ANZAC
BUCHANAN George Allan: 1883 – 1917 DOW ANZAC

CHAPMAN Clarence George: 1884 – 1917 KIA ANZAC
COX William Aaron: 1899 – 1918, DOW ANZAC

DICK Archibald Spalding: 1894 – 1917, KIA ANZAC
DICK John: 1891 – 1917, KIA ANZAC

FINLEY Robert: 1892 – 1919 D Aus ANZAC
FOSTER Mark: 1887-1960 R.T.A. ANZAC

HALL Alexander Edward: 1894 – 1917 KIA ANZAC
HERROD Henry Reginald: 1896 -1917 ANZAC
HODGETTS Charles Jamieson: 1896 -1918, KIA ANZAC
HODGETTS Harold James: 1893-1916, KIA ANZAC

JEWELL Pryce: 1894 -1916, KIA, ANZAC
JOHNSON Joshua:1896-1918 DOW ANZAC

MASON Mark: 1888-1960, RTA ANZAC
MAXWELL Leslie Allingham: 1896 -1917, KIA ANZAC

READ Charles Louis: 1888 -1916 KIA ANZAC

SAXTON Reuben Oliver: 1896-1915, KIA ANZAC
STONE Allen Cameron: 1893 -1915 KIA ANZAC
Saxton Sawmill, Gilderoy 1925 -1937

WEAR William Herbert Newton: 1890 -1916 KIA ANZAC

Mt Evelyn RSL finds lost Military Icon

Many years ago the Mt Evelyn RSL was donated a plaque, which was assumed was from the Mt Evelyn Avenue of Honour, with the name Reuben Saxton on it. This plaque has sat on display for decades in the Mt Evelyn RSL clubrooms.

Recently further research was undertaken on the plaque.

Firstly we couldn’t understand why it looked different to the only other plaque from the Mt Evelyn Avenue of Honour – J Ellis – which is in the archives of the Yarra Ranges Regional Museum.

Secondly there is no mention or record of Reuben Saxton being on the Mt Evelyn WWI lists.

Thirdly, the military records of Reuben Saxton show he came from the Upper Yarra Avenue of Honor. In fact the only one known to be in existence.

The Mt Evelyn RSL then contacted the Upper Yarra Museum and local military historian Bob Sutherland and discovered that Reuben Saxton is on the list of Launching Place WWI veterans.

More than that – they recognised the plaque as being from the Upper Yarra Avenue of Honour – in fact the only one known to be in existance.

This was then discussed with the members of the Mt Evelyn RSL who voted unanimously to donate the plaque to the Upper Yarra Museum – what we felt was it’s rightful home – where it could be on display for generations to come and for the community to appreciate.

Tonight members of the Mt Evelyn RSL met with the executive of the Upper Yarra Museum to donate the plaque into their care for safekeeping.

The plaque returns

Reuben Saxton by the way was killed in action at Cape Helles on Gallipoli in 1915. His body was never recovered and he is remembered on the memorial at Cape Helles and the War Memorial at Yarra Junction.

This entry was posted on 30-03-2014