Collection Policy

Collection Policy 2010

Statement of purposes of the Society and Museum are:

  • To develop and manage a publicly accessible resource of historical artefacts, photographs, documents, and records which are of particular relevance to the Upper Yarra Valley area.
  • To encourage community engagement with the Museum through public events and an online presence.
  • To encourage further research into the history of the Upper Yarra Valley.
  • To develop an appreciation of the historic value of the Museum buildings.



Upper Yarra Museum Donor Form 2012

Upper Yarra Museum is a Place of Deposit for The Public Records Office


Places of Deposit (PODs) are community facilities that the Minister for the Arts appoints to care for those public records not considered part of the state’s archives but of local historical interest. As well as being cared for in a POD these records are made available for research by group members and the general public.