History of The Upper Yarra Historical Society

Original driver, George Coggin [employed by M.M.B.W] gathered support for an Historical Society and early meetings were held at Green Gables These meetings also included Mr and Mrs Frank Kurka [ Proprietors of Green Gables Chalet] and Stan Cooper [Cr, President, Tourist Development Authority 1968) who became the first Society president]. Other prominent participants in establishing the Historical Society included Syd Halbish, Marj Wilson, Lindsay Harris, Earle Parkinson, Don and Ben Parkinson, Fred Pickersgill and Norm Golding.

Meeting at Green Gables UYHS

Flyer for Upper Yarra Historical Society

Line closed in 1965 Yarra Junction Station in 1969

A public meeting was organised and more members joined the society so the meetings were transferred to Yarra Junction. After the closure of the Lilydale to Warburton rail line in 1965, the Shire of Upper Yarra arranged with the railway department for the headquarters of the UYHS to be established at the station. Dedicated members started the process of gathering the collection and setting up the museum to house the items being donated.

“Their efforts were directed towards collecting historical objects and records from the district, creating affiliations with like minded and other community organisations, arranging speakers, history tours and raising funds”