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The district was originally named Claxton after the proprietor of the store and post office on the Woori Yallock Creek. The name later became Parslows Bridge, after the name of the son-in-law who carried on the post office and store. In the 1930s the name was changed to Yellingbo, after the ‘last known’ Aboriginal inhabitant. According to Bunce's Language of the Aborigines of the Colony of Victoria (1859), Yellingbo is an Aboriginal word meaning today.

The township is at the corner of Parslows Road and the Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road, consisting of the general store, primary school (1954), public hall and fire brigade. Nearby on the Woori Yallock, Cockatoo and Sheep Station Creeks there are important fauna reserves for the preservation of two of Victoria’s State faunal emblems, the Helmeted Honeyeater and Leadbeater’s Possum.


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